Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

This notice refers to Nami 8's existing protection mechanisms against unauthorized access to personal data, through which the company ensures the protection of your personal data.
The latter includes information that Nami 8 LLC obtains during the period of providing services to you, which, in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, is also used for direct marketing purposes.
The purpose of the notice is to provide you with information regarding our operating principles and your legal protection mechanisms when processing personal information.

Data Privacy Promise

We, the Nami 8 team, promise you that:

- We will take care of the privacy and protection of your personal data;

– We will not use your data improperly;

- We will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the processing of your personal data at any time.

When registering on the website (as well as placing an order), by reading and agreeing to the user terms and conditions posted on the website, you confirm that you agree to the privacy policy posted on the website. You also confirm that the information provided is accurate and truthful, that the information has been provided voluntarily, and that you have all the rights and permissions required by law.

In case of providing personal data by the client, the company is authorized to store/process the above-mentioned data for the purpose of offering news and special discounts, which is used only for the specific purpose (direct marketing) and to provide services in accordance with the legislation and this agreement.

You authorize Nami 8 LLC and give your consent to request and receive information about you, including personal data, from any source, at any time and in any amount, at its own discretion and within the framework of applicable legislation, for the purposes of reading, verifying, comparing, analyzing, storing, direct marketing, as well as fulfilling of legal and/or contractual obligations. You also agree that processed/obtained personal data (including "Cookie" files) may be transferred to third parties by Nami 8 LLC based on the above-mentioned purposes, if necessary. In addition, a strict privacy policy applies to third parties. 

Policy on the use of "cookie" files

By using our website, you clearly and unequivocally consent to the processing, collection and sharing of your information through cookies and other similar technologies. Before using our website, we must obtain your consent to use cookies. Your continuous use of the website constitutes consent to the use of cookie files.

Cookie is a small piece of data that is sent from a website server to a user's personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device and stored on the hard drive of that device. It plays an important role in providing various services to the society. Along with many other useful features, it allows to store and process information about the user and behavior of his device, to identify the user through the stored information and to improve the service offered.

Accordingly, the purpose of using cookies by our website is to improve the service, simplify online shopping for users and obtain statistical data of the website.

Our website does not use cookies to collect personal information about users. However, some processed information may be personal data. Collected data will not be transferred to third parties, except as defined in our privacy policy. In this regard, please read our policy on the processing and confidentiality of users' personal data in detail.

If you want to restrict cookies or block them on our website, you can change the settings of your browser, for more information about this, see the browser function Settings. For information on how to delete cookies from the browser of your technical device, please see the device user guide. Please note that some of the services we offer will not function if you block or delete cookie files.

Other terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Nami 8 LLC and govern your use of the delivery service from the Nami 8 website.

Personal information that the Company obtains from you or third parties is processed in accordance with the privacy policy specified in these terms and conditions.

By agreeing to Nami 8's Terms and Conditions of Use, you also agree to Nami 8's Privacy Policy.

All customers who want to choose an item at Nami 8 and use the delivery service are obliged to agree and follow the terms and conditions below. The administration of Nami 8 reserves the right, at any time unilaterally, by publishing on the same website, to make changes to these conditions without additional consent of the client.

  1. Definition of Terms

1.1. The terms and definitions used in these terms and conditions shall have the meanings set forth below, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

Terms of Use – means these Terms, together with any other terms and/or conditions that these Terms of Use, by appropriate reference, are considered part of these Terms and that govern the use of the relationship between the Customer and the Seller, including those related to any content, functions and services offered on the Website;

Website – Nami 8 or Facebook page through which the service is offered;

Client – a legal or physical person who meets the requirements set forth in these terms and wishes to purchase products through the Nami 8 platform;

The company - Nami 8, which is registered in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code: 405514019, registered address: Tbilisi, 29 b A. Mitskevichi st.

User, users – a client who agrees to these rules and/or communicates with the company by registering on Nami 8, Facebook page or;

Parties – the Company and its customers collectively; platform – a platform operated by Nami 8 LLC, which includes a Facebook page for communication;

Operation – any operation performed by the user in connection with the personal account and/or services.

Agreement – agreement signed between users and, which includes these terms and conditions and its appendices, if any.

  1. Statements and guarantees

2.1 By agreeing to these terms and conditions, customer confirms that:

2.2. is a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia or an adult physical person.

2.3. has full (unlimited) capacity, is not under the influence of narcotic, alcoholic, psychotropic or toxic drugs, is not under the influence of error, fraud, pressure, threats or any other unlawful influence and is not the object of violence, threats, deception, misrepresentation or any other prohibited action on the part of or any third party, is fully aware of the content of the manifestation of his will, the essence of the provisions of the terms and conditions and its legal consequences;

2.4. Customer has full authority to sign and fulfill the obligations stipulated by these conditions or any other agreements and statements; in case of purchase of products by an unauthorized person, the individual is considered a buyer (customer).

2.5. has read the terms and conditions and these terms and conditions are acceptable to him;

2.6. All data presented by him is accurate;

2.7. Customer is not engaged in or participating in any illegal activity (including money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism or other illegal activities) under the laws of any jurisdiction (which includes the legislation of Georgia and the legislation of the country of which the customer is a citizen);

2.8. For the entire period of validity of the agreement, his activities and/or actions are/will be in compliance with local and/or international legislation.

2.9. His action is not/will be aimed at deceiving and/or any third party. Considering the mentioned principle, the document and/or information submitted by him to for conclusion and fulfillment of the contract at the time of its presentation is/will be true, accurate and complete;

2.10. Will conscientiously, completely and thoroughly fulfill the obligations assumed by this document;

2.11. Agree that may collect/verify and process any necessary information, including personal information and/or universal identifiers, specified by or related to the customer, from the order confirmation to the termination of the contract for the legitimate purpose.

2.12. Customer immediately informs in writing about all the circumstances(s) that may conflict with his/her stated statements and/or cause a violation of the stated guarantees;

2.13. enters into an agreement based on the statements, guarantees and obligations contained in these conditions and considers them to be the terms of the agreement. Accordingly, after the conclusion of the contract, the violation of the statements, guarantees and obligations provided in this article is a sufficient reason for to unilaterally refuse to provide all or any of the services provided in the contract and its terms and conditions.

  1. Payment between and its customers

3.1. The client can make payment by cashless payment method, which includes consent to the present terms and conditions.

3.2. In the case of non-cash payment, the recipient of the transfer is the company Nami 8.

3.3. The company will provide support to customers in solving the problem arising during non-cash payment through the customer service center.

3.4. Buyer makes non-cash payment with, using Georgian VISA or MASTERCARD.

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