“Brooklyn” series Office Bar

Why Nami8 and not the old generation water dispenser?

With Nami 8 water bars, you no longer have to purchase, store, store, inventory, and use reusable water bottles.
Nami 8 helps you to use financial and human resources correctly, to eliminate logistical problems, and also to take care of the health of your employees, because most of the bacteria in the human body come from water.
Water bottled from a polyethylene tank stored in improper conditions is not recommended for consumption.
Nami8 offers a complete service for business: individual offer, delivery of office bars, installation, technical support, replacement of filters and maximum comfort for you and your employees.

Please, read this manual carefully and consider the above instructions before operating the device.

white water bar
white water bar

Product Characteristics

“Brooklyn” series bar is fully automatic, equipped with a 5-stage filter and a 2-gallon pressure tank. After installation, it is only necessary to connect the device to the power source and a water source for automatic water use.
Using reverse osmosis membrane technology, the treatment process is the filtration principle directly, without adding any chemicals, chemical changes and reactions; Purified water can be consumed directly. After turning on the normal temperature water faucet, the red light will turn on, after turning on the red switch, the reverse osmosis (RO) water system starts working.
When the cold water is filled, the water system stops working, the green switch and the blue light turn on, and the light turns on. When the water temperature is below 10 °C, the blue light bars indicate the heat preservation state, after which you can consume cold water.

Installation, set-up and use

Installation method of this device should be selected considering the current system of water pipes in your desired space. It can be placed in an area of about 15 cm around the wall.

Main Technical Parameters

Nominal voltage/frequency: 220 V-240V~50-60 Hz
Nominal power: 540 W
Electric shock resistance: I
Inlet water pressure: 0.1-0.4 maps
rated total net water volume: 2000 L
Water flow: 11,7 L/HR
Heating power: 85℃-95℃,5L/HR
Cooling capacity: ≤10℃,2 L/HR
Cooling power: 90 W 

white water bar
white water bar
white water bar
white water bar

Maintenance rules

In order to always have access to high quality, filtered and healthy water, Nami 8 technical specialists will provide you with the replacements of filters within a specified period of time.