“Nami 8”- an innovative approach to fresh water.

Modern water bars provided by “Nami 8” allow you to enjoy healthy, tasty and filtered water purified from all harmful substances for your body every day.

The device is ideal for both large and middle-sized spaces, homes and offices.
We present water bars for home and office use, as well as the anti-vandal water bars.

,,Nami 8’’ company together with a corporate sales team composed of professionals offers perfect services to get the best experience.

  • Corporate and individual offer
  • Inspection of the installation area
  • Technical and informative support about bars and filters
  • Provision of appropriate services 
  • Bar installation, filter replacement, maintenance rules, repair or replacement service in case of any damage.
  • Warranty terms and conditions.

Company “Nami 8” offers you complete service both for home and office.