“Nami8” anti-vandal water bars are recommended for various adaptable open and closed spaces, such as: public gathering places, schools, kindergartens, universities, hospitals and others. The new technology water bar is made of high quality, stainless steel material that does not get damaged easily. Due to the international standard filtration system in it, the tap water is being purified. This as well improves the quality and the taste of water, which is useful for the human body.
With the anti-vandal bars, you can enjoy both warm and cold temperature water. This modern device is equipped with two taps, one of which is of the fountain technology. With the touch of a button you can enjoy healthy, filtered water.
And the second tap is intended for filling reusable bottles.

grey water bar

Anti-vandal water dispenser key features:

  1. Fountains from one of the world’s leading producers of water fountains and water coolers
  2. Fountain cooler is compact, attractive and economical
  3. Stainless steel cabinet occupies only one square foot and has a removable front for service and maintenance convenience
  4. Separate base is constructed of rugged, heavy-duty galvanized steel
  5. Delivers 20L of chilled drinking water an hour
  6. Cold water thermostat: temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with off position that is easily accessible on the rear of the cabinet
  7. Various models of filters can be factory-installed on request
  8. Power requirement: 220 to 240V, 50Hz
  9. Weight: 26.5kg
  10. Certifications: NSF CE and UL    
  11. Heating: N/A        
  12. Cooling: 200W (Force cooling system)        
  13. Compressor type: hermetic, with overload protector, R134a        
  14. Cold water tank capacity: 4.2L (1.1Gallon)                
  15. Filter system: internally installed double super fine filters, PP+CTO